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Meet carrie

Women's Health & Sexuality Coach

As a women’s health specialist, physical therapist, and pilates instructor, Carrie Koziol has met and worked with hundreds of women. Over the past ten years, women have revealed their insecurities, worries, and uniquely female problems to Carrie, including:

How do we teach our daughters to love their bodies?

Where can new moms turn to not feel isolated during the emotional postpartum months?

Can pregnant women feel empowered going into delivery?

What the heck is going on during menopause?

How do I keep the spark alive in my marriage?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, you’re in the right place.



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Girls' First Period Basket


  • Handmade “wet” bag for backpack
  • “Below Your Belt (How to be Queen of Your Pelvic Region)” Book
  • Handmade flax seed microwavable abdominal heating pad
  • Vulvar-safe body wash (no artificial fragrance, triclosan, phthalates, parabens, or sulfates)
  • Handmade washable panty liner with care instructions
  • 7th Generation Free and Clear (no fragrance or chlorine) regular pads and overnight pads with wings (3 of each)
Pregnancy Essentials Gift Basket


  • Handmade labor & postpartum gown
  • Lighted birthing affirmation banner
  • Sacred belly cream
  • Organic mint herbal lip balm
  • Organic raspberry leaf tea
  • 5, 100% pure Grade A honey sticks (great fuel during labor & easy to digest!)
  • Prenatal Pilates DVD
  • Pregnancy Meditation & Feather Set
New Mama Postpartum Basket


  • Organic herbal sitz bath
  • Natural nipple butter
  • Organic perineal pain-relief spray
  • Natural witch hazel hemorrhoid pads
  • 32 ounce “You Are Strong Enough” water bottle with intake tracker (BPA free)
  • Organic Milkmaid Tea
SOLD out
Let’s Talk About Sex! Gift Basket


  • Natural water-based lubricant
  • Natural bourbon-scented massage oil candle
  • Mini waterproof intro vibrator
  • Chalk Talk board & activity
  • “Light as a Feather” sensation-focused activity
  • Lovers’ Dice Game


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